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About Us

This is a sole trader british company which I started in 2019 to provide discount products to all those who want the best for there furry companions.

I have lots of accounts with a variety of wholesalers to offer a bespoke and diverse range for your pet, everything you need you will find here, its a one stop shop for all.

Im updating my shop daily with new products but if there is something you want and can not see just send me a message and I will see if i can provide it for you.

Im a Trainer/Behaviourist which gave me the idea to open my own shop as owners needed products to stimulate there dogs or to feed them a better diet due to lack of knowledge of what is available. 

I'm always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding products and what would be the best buy for what you need it for including the best dog foods.

If you would like to book any training or behaviour sessions please contact me as these can be done via zoom.