Our Training & Dog Care Services

In my training sessions, we encourage the puppies / dogs to make the best choice, in order to achieve the reward (usually some tasty food!) and the results you want.

1:1 Dog Training

Our top-rated Dog Training 1:1’s and behavior help packages are perfect to support you and your dog’s needs at home.

Dog Walking

Does your puppy / dog  pull on walks?

Walk with training skills  to encourage nice NO pull walking. (Loose-Lead walking) The training walks / recall training can be either with or without you present. Although, it is much better for you to be there than you can see what is happening and ask any questions. 4 sessions of  training walks / recall ideas to boost the reliability of your puppy/dog training..

1:1 Programmes

Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages.
These are 4,8 and 12 session programmes, tailored specifically to you and your dog.

Group Classes

All puppies and dogs of all ages. Small group classes are held weekly. Dogs are taught to work alongside each other, gaining skills and impulse control. During the group classes we work on Focus training, Standard Puppy training, Boundary training, Loose-Lead walking, Recall plus much more…

All in One Training Course

This training includes everything you will EVER need. It includes puppy – adolescent-older dog training. This course is all basic and advanced training skills for all ages.

Reliable Recall Training

Do you need more help to get your puppy/dog to come back to you when off the lead?

Residential Training

If you’re going on holiday and would like to take that opportunity to get your dog trained, just fix the issue you’re having then this is the training for you, or if you have tried everything then this is for you too. Your dog will have a home from home stay and enjoy socialization with other dogs and group walks as well as training.

A Dogs-Tail Socialization Doggy Play Dates

These are socialisation doggy play dates where you puppy / dog gets to have some off lead fun and learn social skills in a safe,secure,indoor arena. All owners are responsible for the dog/s and sign a disclaimer that states this. You do not need to book for this, you just turn up on the best night for you. We provide different socialisation nights.

Tiny Tots Socialisation Doggy Play Date

This is for all small breeds only. Any age of puppy / dog is welcome as long as they are smaller than a staffordshire bull terrier There are some exceptions which are looked at as individual cases.

All Dogs Welcome Socialisation Doggy Play Date

This is for all dogs of any age / size are welcome.

The socialisation Doggy Play Dates are held in a safe,secure,indoor arena. The arena has parking and disable axcess plus public toilets. There is an area in the arena where your dog can have “ time out” if needed also.

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